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Girls Support Girls

Millions of girls can’t go to school due to the Corona Crisis. Closing the schools not only means a life of lockdown, but deprives them from education and from a safe environment. Without that safe environment of a school, girls in vulnerable communities have a greater risk of being abused, child marriages and gender related violence. Many girls will never return to school to finish their education.

Plan International wants to stop this inequality with the “Girls in Crisis” campaign. Proceeds of this card collection, in collaboration with Chilean artist Elena Ho, will go to “Girls in Crisis”.

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Pebbles collection

This collection is inspired by nature and culture.
Pebbles combines the best of two worlds. East meets West.

Raised by a Filipina mother and a Belgian father I was always exposed to two different worlds and gradually made them my own.
This made me the designer I am today, which is reflected in everything I do.
I am a blend of two cultures and so is my jewelry.

The laminate used are recycled samples from Formica and the wood we use is FCS certified bamboo. #sustainabledesign